Sweet Angel






By the moon we sport and play,
With the night begins our day:
As we dance the dew doth fall,
Trip it little urchins all:

Lightly as the little bee,
Two by two, and three by three:
And about go we, and about go we.

Then I get upon a fly,
She carries me above the sky:
And trip and go.

When a dew drop fallen down,
And doth light upon my crown,
Then I shake my head and skip,
And about I trip.
Two by two, and three by three:
And about go we, and about go we.

- Thomas Ravenscroft

I'm a daddy Dom with a headstrong little. We both have blogs and she is flirty with her followers. I was very mad at her over something she posted and needed a couple days to clear my head. I didn't answer her calls or texts. She was in a car accident during that time. She was hurt and I didn't know. When I did speak with her she said that she lost faith in my ability to be her daddy. I don't know where this leaves us. Please help.


She has reason to be concerned.

The dynamic you two have chosen involves your having a caregiver role in your relationship. You’re the protector, the voice of reason, the person who promises to always be there.
(Even when she flirts. Even when she messes up. Even when she acts bratty. Etc. Etc. Etc.) You don’t get to go away and clear your head anymore than a parent gets to ignore a child for a couple of days when they misbehave. It doesn’t sound like you even let her know that you would be taking a break- and I’ll mention here that I abhor withholding communication as a form of punishment. You may not see it as punishing her, but I guarantee you that she saw it that way. So while you were ‘clearing your head’ she was in a car accident. She didn’t have you. You’ve effectively taught her that your promises are words, nothing more, and that she can be ‘bad’ enough to have you not care when she’s hurting, scared, and needs you.

If you want to try and salvage this, I would admit my mistake. Make a plan going forward that shows you understand the hurt caused, and I would deal with the flirty behavior well after this has blown over. She gets to be mad. She gets to be hurt. You let her down. Actions matter here, not words.

Good luck. - S.  

I agree. He let her down when she needed him. Withholding affection and communication is one of the worst things I can think of. It leaves one feeling weak and alone.

Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.
Simone Weil (via psych-facts)





The more I touch you, the more you’ll yearn for my touch, pet.


The more I touch you, the more you’ll yearn for my touch, pet.


Which one do you like, Kitten?

The red & black… Gorgeous!